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The Team here at is excited to announce that we will be moving our site over to Relax, we're not going anywhere, as a matter of fact, we are teaming up with TOPTailgates to bring you more content!.

What is TOP Tailgates Magazine? is an online "FLUID" magazine! Content will changes and be added on a daily basis including pics, stories, product reviews, recipes, contests and all the latest news from the world of tailgating. Why get your tailgate info once every couple months? Get fresh and relevant content each and every day!

Also, don't forget about the Tailgate Census. ALL tailgaters need to visit and take the Census right online. It only takes 10 minutes and could get you some pretty sweet Tailgate Gear.

Fun & Games!

HOF The Mullet!
Get ready for this year's Tailgate Census 2010 Tour which kicks off in April with NASCAR,Baseball, some Jimmy Buffett Concerts and of course some Football! If you have a Tailgate you think would make the perfect Tour Stop for The Mullet and this year's Tailgate Census, just email us!

HOF MySpace and Facebook
Traveling every week to a different stadium, Jay gets lonely on the road. He needs friends! Keep up with Jay by becoming his friend on his MySpace and FaceBook. Oh yeah, don't forget to follow me on Twitter!

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Join the ATL at an event near you and on their National Tailgate Tour. Check out all the details including rules and sanctioned games at

Sponsor News New Online Tailgating Community:
Inside Tailgating is a site which embraces Tailgating in an effort to enhance everyone's tailgating experiences across the globe. IT is the first comprehensive Tailgating site dedicated strictly to every tailgater in every parking lot! Check it out at

Sponsor News TOP Tailgates Magazine...
Sign up now to be the first in your lot to have the latest, greatest Tailgate Magazine around. Check out TOP Tailgates Magazine at


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